Our aim is to capture the essence of bars and restaurants
in the local area and feed the curious minds of Setubal.

If you love food, you’ll love us and we’ll love you!

follow us for culinary delights.


Did you know you can be a part of Setubal Food Guide?

Simply tag @setubalfoodguide in your best food photo’s and we’ll add them to our feed….sharing’s caring right?

Setubal Food Guide

Brought together by lovers who love food.

Donnie and Polly are nothing short of crazy when it comes to culinary , local produce , wine , and it doesn’t get much better than Setubal.

We want to shine a light on the delights Setubal has to offer and combining there love for eating out and creating content it was always going to be a natural creation and then…..

Setubal Food Guide was born.

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